[OTR-dev] OTR support for Gajim

Aaron Toponce aaron.toponce at gmail.com
Thu Aug 18 08:16:19 EDT 2011

According to http://trac.gajim.org/wiki/OTR, the OTR API is crap, and
implementing it into a project seems to be somewhat of a chore. I would
like to see OTR support built into Gajim, but it appears to be a deadend.
As the article states, you can see the code he ripped out from the commit
message here: http://trac.gajim.org/changeset/ef7496ee5eb2/.

Thankfully, it appears that Gajim will be supporting a plugin architecture,
and an OTR plugin looks likely. See http://gajim-otr.pentabarf.de/.
Currently, the only end-to-end encryption for Gajim, is using OpenPGP keys,
which digitally sign every message, which isn't optimal.

So, is OTR v4 being worked on? Is the claim that the current API sucks
accurate? It seems other projects, such as Pidgin and Bitlbee have
implemented OTR just fine, so maybe the core devs either have issues with
the Gajim code, or the OTR code that was written just sucked.


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