[OTR-dev] Chatzilla and/or Javascript library?

TJ linux at tjworld.net
Sun Feb 21 18:23:43 EST 2010

On Sun, 2010-02-21 at 18:08 -0500, Ian Goldberg wrote:
> On Sun, Feb 21, 2010 at 02:08:54PM +0000, TJ wrote:
> > I was wondering if there is a chatzilla plug-in for OTR or a Javascript
> > library that could be modified to support chatzilla?
> > 
> > My reason for asking is that I'm currently developing a cross-platform
> > private social networking application.
> > 
> > I chose to use Mozilla/Firefox as the base since its XPCOM makes it
> > relatively easy (after the XPCOM learning curve!) to develop a single
> > source-code solution for GNU/Linux, OS-X, and Windows without requiring
> > native libraries.
> A Javascript port of libotr would be very useful.  I imagine someone
> could plug it into the web-based GTalk for some added coolness.  There
> are certainly Javascript crypto and bignum libraries you could use to
> start with.
> My suggestion is to do what we did for the Java port: work from the
> spec, but check out the C version if something's unclear.  Of course,
> now you could choose to look at either the C or the Java version.  ;-)

Hi Ian.

That was how I was going to approach it; try to ensure in as much as is
possible to maintain the same API.

It is a while since I did any heavy-lifting with Javascript (these days
I mostly do kernel hacking but I've a long history with Java and C++).

I'll put it on my To-Do list and get back to the -dev list once I'm
thinking about it and I've got my head around the XPCOM spaghetti.

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