[OTR-dev] asynchronous privkey creation

Michael Zanetti michael_zanetti at gmx.net
Sun Feb 21 17:52:10 EST 2010

Hi otr devs,

I'm the author of Kopetes otr plugin. Reading through the archives I have 
found a thread [1] discussing asynchronous creation of private keys. However, 
I haven't found a conclusion to this and would like to know what your plans 
are regarding this issue.

In kopetes otr plugin I have done my own thread that generates the private key 
to keep the UI updated but I'm blocking user input and socket notifiers (to 
prevent incoming messages jumping into libotr). This has been working fine for 
Kopete at KDE 3 times, but doesn't work any more in KDE4 as incoming messages 
are processed and I have no way to stop that within the plugin. The only way 
to fix that without blocking, would be to keep the list of incoming messages 
and re-process them all once the key generation has finshed. Also the previous 
discussion mentioned that this seems not to be a good option.

Do you have any suggestions how to deal with this issue? Should I implement 
the above mentioned workaround or should I wait for an updated version of the 
lib that adresses the issue?


[1] http://lists.cypherpunks.ca/pipermail/otr-dev/2008-June/000890.html
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