[OTR-dev] OTR + Second Life Client

Ian Goldberg ian at cypherpunks.ca
Sun Jul 19 22:02:14 EDT 2009

On Sun, Jul 19, 2009 at 06:54:10PM -0700, chris-tuchs at hushmail.com wrote:
> This is my proposed test procedure.  Secondlife-Avy1(otr) -> 
> secondlife-avy2(no otr) -> manual cut and paste -> im-user1(no otr) 
> -> im-user2(otr).  And back and forth with 3 men-in-the-middle.  
> Hopefully secondlife-avy1(otr) and im-user2(otr) will be able to 
> communicate and eventually even authenticate each other.  Will that 
> work?

That should work great, actually.  [And very clever. ;-) ]

> Will I need to play tricks with the names of the IM and second life
> users?  Make the secondlife client "lie" about what protocol it's
> using?

Nope, it should all work smoothly, at least until you try to
authenticate.  At that point, im-user2 will be asking you to
authenticate im-user1 (since that's who the IM client thinks it's
talking to).  But of course, since you're controlling the MITM channel,
you could just authenticate Secondlife-Avy1 instead.  Or something like

> When I have SMP and can authenticate buddies, I would like to have 
> the Greenlife Emerald viewer listed on the software page if you 
> don't mind.

Will do.  Just let us know when it's ready for prime time.

   - Ian

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