[OTR-dev] Fragmenting proposal

jbash at velvet.com jbash at velvet.com
Wed Dec 15 16:20:40 EST 2004

> > Then again, I don't want to suggest a pmtu type solution to you either.
> > I'd probably go for a list of known good values per IM service.
> Yes, I definitely would prefer just a known size list.  I can test sizes
> on jabber and AIM.  Who's on other networks that can test packet
> sizings?

Ew. That's ee-vil. First, networks change stuff like that. Second, you're
now linking your development with every other protocol plugin. And
different OTR implementations will *all* have to be linked.

I repeat, ew.

As a user and as a person who has to keep the software on his machine
up to date, I'd prefer dynamic discovery.

I haven't read the spec; is there a maximum length for an OTR message?
I also don't know the Gaim API; does it give you an unambiguous
"that was too long" indication?

                                        -- jbash

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