[OTR-users] Can't enable logging with 4.0.0

Karen Trudeau karen.trudeau at gmail.com
Wed Sep 5 10:12:53 EDT 2012


I've upgraded to OTR 4.0.0 (on Windows, with Pidgin 2.10.6).  I can't get
OTR conversations to be logged.  A checkmark reappears in OTR's "Don't log
OTR conversations" box every time I restart Pidgin, and even if I uncheck
it as soon as I start Pidgin, OTR conversations still aren't logged--it
ignores this setting.  I uninstalled 4.0.0 and reinstalled 3.2.1 and the
behavior goes back to normal and I can log again.

Any suggestions?  My guess would be that the new default "don't log"
setting is more than just a default and the actual setting is being
ignored--but this is only a guess of course.  But if it works for other
people, perhaps I have a corrupt configuration file?  Where should I check?

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