[OTR-users] Gaim/Pidgin Crashes, when closing window after talking to 2 Grouped Userids.

Abram Pousada apousada at gmail.com
Fri May 25 15:11:56 EDT 2007

I experience the same issue as well.  At least for me, it only seems to be
reproducible in Windows, and I found that I can avoid the crash if I open
the Buddy List window and click Buddies->Quit from there.


On 5/25/07, ben k <bean62 at hotmail.com> wrote:
>  Greetings, I use Gaim 2.0.0beta6 and my bro' uses Pidgin, both with OTR.
> Both of us have this issue, not sure if it's Pidgin/Gaim or OTR but thought
> I'd ask. We are using multiple IM systems, Yahoo/Google Talk/AIM/MSN. We
> exist multiple times on each others' buddy lists due to this. I have him
> "grouped" on my buddy list. When I talk to him on Yahoo, an OTR button is
> there. If I then switch to Google talk without closing the conversation
> window, a second OTR button is there. From this point, if I've established
> two private sessions to the same person (via different IM systems), and I
> attempt to close the conversation window, Gaim crashes (as does Pidgin for
> him if he tries it). This is a minor annoyance but I thought I'd share since
> it's easy to recreate the issue. Thanks for the great OTR plugin, I use it
> daily. thx, -ben
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