[OTR-users] ICQ 5.1 + OTR proxy problem

Tim timg10 at gmx.net
Fri May 25 06:18:38 EDT 2007


I just tried to use ICQ 5.1 with the OTR proxy.
But I can't even connect to the ICQ network when I set ICQ to use the proxy.
I used these settings in ICQ:
Proxy settings:
- with firewall
- with proxy

define proxy server: Socks 5
host:  localhost
port: 1080
no authentication
no ext. proxy IP
don't use proxy for name resolving (turning this on doesn't work either)

I also tried the HTTPS-proxy setting with port 8080, but it didn't work

The strange thing is: When I set Gaim to use the OTR proxy (Socks5) it
works without any problems.

Did anyone get ICQ 5.1 to work with the OTR proxy and can help me?


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