[OTR-dev] OTR Data is alive!

Nathan of Guardian nathan at guardianproject.info
Fri Sep 6 00:30:44 EDT 2013

At this moment, I am transfering a 26MB file between two Android devices
running ChatSecure (Gibberbot v12). The file transfer is fully encrypted
using the "extra symmetric key" of OTRv3, and the conduit for transfer
are the TLV data fields in the OTR protocol itself.One user is on a
private XMPP service, and the other is on Google Talk.

In summary, we are tunneling an fully verified, ephemerally encrypted
file transfer inside of the ASCII message payload of XMPP, and it seems
to be working like a charm.

Data throughput *over Tor* is about 40kbps, with the 26MB file taking
about 5-10 minute to transfer.

We've merged the work into master, but if you want to look at the
previously open pull request, you can find it here:

Three cheers to DevRandom for some really groundbreaking work on this
effort, and of course to Ian and the OTR team for providing this new
functionality in OTRv3 in a way that we can take advantage of it.

Now, how do we go about getting other OTR/XMPP apps to support OTR Data?
Are there other similar implementations yet?



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