[OTR-dev] sourceforge / parse.c in toolkit.c

Bjorn Kuiper bjorn at kuiper.nu
Sat Jul 20 18:33:49 EDT 2013


Not sure if you want me to use sourceforge or this mailing list.

I will try this mailing list first, because I know it is actively monitored.

While working on my project I noticed the following code in parse.c part 
of the toolkit folder.

     if (memcmp(bufp, "\x00\x01\x03", 3) && memcmp(bufp, "\x00\x03\x03", 
3) &&
	memcmp(bufp, "\x00\x02\x03", 3)) goto inv;

I don't think this code is doing anything at the moment because the "&&" 
(AND) signs would need to be replaced with the "||" (OR) to work properly.

Greetings Bjorn

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