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Thu Feb 14 20:24:53 EST 2013

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I don't mean to speak for Nadim here, but I suspect at least some of
his concern stems from the redaction of the endnotes in section 10 of
the document on the Cryptocat wiki[1], which read "Special thanks to
Jacob Appelbaum, Joseph Bonneau, [&c]", to your version[2], which
reads "This document was authored by a number of anonymous
contributors". You were credited, Jake, and it is disingenous and
derailing of you to attempt to claim that Nadim did not credit you or
"think[s] that you own [your] work product."

As the academics among us on this list are well aware, plagiarism is a
serious concern. I personally have seen far too many instances of
plagiarism or likely plagiarism swept under the rug -- including the
one that led me to quit my PhD -- to be comfortable with seeing this
matter "resolved" behind closed doors; I would prefer to see it dealt
with right here where you brought it up by failing to properly credit
Nadim's work.

- --mlp

- - it was section 9 some months ago, but section 10 now
[2] https://github.com/ioerror/mpOTR/

On 02/14/2013 08:04 PM, Jacob Appelbaum wrote:
> Nadim Kobeissi:
>> Jacob, as it stands you are currently plagiarizing from the 
>> Cryptocat Project. You have not asked for our permission to take 
>> our content and list it as your own, and you have not properly 
>> credited any of the contributors to the specification or 
>> mentioned its original source.
> The wiki where it was hosted did not credit me or any of the other
>  authors after it was taken out of the CryptoCat git.
> I'm one of the original authors of the document, I'm not sure why 
> you think that you own my work product?
> Nor am I sure why you think you own the work of everyone else who 
> wrote the document and thought it would be handled in good faith.
> If you feel that there are missing credits, I'm happy to add them
> - the point is to make a living document simply about the mpOTR 
> specification.
> I'm happy to talk further off list but I don't think this list is 
> productive or relevant to development of OTR.
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