[OTR-dev] 4.0.0-rc3 ready to roll. Please try it out!

Greg Troxel gdt at ir.bbn.com
Sat Sep 1 21:10:53 EDT 2012

Ian Goldberg <ian at cypherpunks.ca> writes:

> On Sat, Sep 01, 2012 at 11:55:33AM -0400, Greg Troxel wrote:
>> I just picked someone else, and tried to initiate.   That person shows
>> (in pidgin) as being logged in only once.  I got
>> (11:52:08) Error setting up private conversation: Malformed message received
>> same as before.   It would be nice to print out the malformed message,
>> but I don't know how (other than reading the source and changing the
>> code).
> Weird.  I believe if you run "pidgin -d", it will show all of the Jabber
> messages it's sending and receiving.  Give that a try?

yes, it does.  but pidgin-otr/libotr isn't logging the reason it thinks
the message is bad.

All the messages start


but obviously I need to look at it unbase-64, or something.

It's hard to tell (I'm talking to myself at two accounts with one
client), but I think the first OTR message is ok and the reply is bad.
This is libotr4 self-speaking, so it's not a v2 issue, or shouldn't be.

I'll try more tomorrow.

> Yup, I've replicated it here, too, and I see the problem in the source.
> It shouldn't be too tough to fix, but I'm thinking Target: 4.0.1 for
> that one.  Would the various packagers prefer a last-last-minute change
> to 4.0.0, or just to put this fix into the next version?

If you can fix it and roll another rc, that's fine.  Updating from one
rc to another (without a change in the files that are installed) is
trivial for pkgsrc and I suspect others.   So it's more about delay than
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