[OTR-dev] Open source OTR AIM client for iOS

Chris Ballinger chrisballinger at gmail.com
Tue Sep 20 21:01:03 EDT 2011

Just for branding purposes. I imagine he'd submit pull requests if he found
bugs in the core source and try to keep the two in sync.

On Tue, Sep 20, 2011 at 7:23 PM, Nathan of Guardian <
nathan at guardianproject.info> wrote:

> ** Why fork Gibberbot? We'd be happy to have another core contributor. We
> are about to release our 0.0.5 update which solves a number of our previous
> issues around connectivity and configuration.
> +nathan
> Chris Ballinger <chrisballinger at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Because it's not done yet! :) I still have some crashing problems related
>> to xmppframework buddy lists that are gonna require some work. It's very
>> "alpha quality" at the moment.
>> The goal is to get it eventually approved on the App Store. Fortunately
>> the otr library and its dependencies are LGPL and because I am
>> redistributing the full source I should be in the clear as far as license
>> issues with the App Store are concerned.
>> I have a friend that is going to fork Gibberbot for Android and rebrand it
>> as ChatSecure so the plan is to have a unified project for multiprotocol
>> encrypted mobile chats.
>> On Tue, Sep 20, 2011 at 1:58 PM, Paul Wouters <paul at cypherpunks.ca>wrote:
>>> On Mon, 19 Sep 2011, Chris Ballinger wrote:
>>>  Ya sure! You can run it in the iOS simulator if you have Mac lying
>>>> around
>>>> somewhere.
>>> I'll test it out, it is on my TODO.
>>> Is there a reason this is not in a Cydia repo or even in the Apple Store?
>>> :)
>>> Paul
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