[OTR-dev] python-otr (again)

Kjell Braden kb at pentabarf.de
Sat May 21 12:41:53 EDT 2011


  I've been the maintainer for the libotr python bindings [1] for a
while. They did their job, but had some issues (esp. regarding exception
handling in the callbacks). Therefore, I decided to write a python
implementation of libotr using pycrypto (>=2.1). (This seems to have
been done before [2], but I was unable to find this project today.)

  My current code can be found in the bzr branch at launchpad [3]. My
few tests worked pretty well. I haven't done a lot of QA though, and as
I'm no expert in crypto programming stuff I'd like to ask for feedback.

  Some usage information: The application is supposed to subclass
context.Account and context.Context - the state transition UI and the
message injection is added to Context, loading/saving of keys /
fingerprints / trusts happens in Account. The application initially
creates Account objects, retrieves/creates the Contexts via getContext()
and performs encryption/decryption similar to libotr with
  Things that are not yet implemented: message resending and secure
memory. The latter might be a little hard in python. There are some
hacks that zero out objects after deletion, but I don't know exactly if
that works correctly in practice.

  I'd love to hear your feedback for both the crypto implementation as
well as the API.

[1] http://python-otr.pentabarf.de
[2] http://lists.cypherpunks.ca/pipermail/otr-users/2007-May/001018.html
[3] https://code.launchpad.net/~afflux/python-otr/purepython

Kjell Braden

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