[OTR-dev] Firefox add-on for using OTR in web-based chat

garulf garulf at autistici.org
Thu May 12 06:39:28 EDT 2011

Hi guys,
I'm a computer science student and i was planning to dev a firefox 
add-on for using OTR in web-based chat scenarios (likes facebook and gtalk).

Basic idea is to intercept ajax call in both ways and ecrypt/decrypt 

I'm not sure what is the best way to implement otr backend. At first 
time i was thinking to develop a javascript implementation of OTR (i saw 
someone else have got same idea[0]). But i don't feel very comfortably 
with javascript, so i'm trying to avoid to rewrite all library in js.

The second idea is to develop an XPCOM component that works like an 
interface to the existing OTR C library. I never deal with XPCOM, but i 
think i can reuse all libotr code that way.

Third idea is to develop a standalone cli interface application to the 
library and call it using a pipe from javascript (add-ons likes 
firesheep and firegpg acts that way).

What do you think about?



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