[OTR-dev] In need of a patch to libotr

Byrd, Brendan Byrd.B at insightcom.com
Tue Aug 30 13:51:34 EDT 2011

This bug has been bothering me for almost a year now:


I would submit a full patch, but I need somebody to review the changes, as C isn't my first language and I'm not familiar with the OTR code as a whole.  Here's the list of changes:

All of this applies to message.c / otrl_message_receiving / case OTRL_MSGTYPE_NOTOTR:

*         This case needs to try a refresh of the conversation.  Obviously, if the states are confused, leaving them in that state is NOT the best policy.  It should instead immediately start an encrypted refresh.  I think this would be a call to the "go_encrypted" sub.

*         After the refresh, the previously unencrypted side should resend the message.  OTR Messages don't get flashed by Pidgin at least, and probably others.  As such, a U->E conversation gets lost until hours later when I happen to see all of the collected messages.

Can somebody please make a patch as such?  Hell, I'll test it out as long as I can get a Windows compiled binary of it.  This

Brendan Byrd <byrd.b at insightcom.com<mailto:byrd.b at insightcom.com>>

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