[OTR-dev] cypherpunks.ca serving malware as of 8/28

Nikita Borisov nikita at uiuc.edu
Mon Aug 29 17:53:47 EDT 2011

Dear Evan,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.  I have visited the URL
you provided but was not able to find a threat expert report with the
md5 listed.  I have also tried scanning the indicated file with threat
expert and it did not list any issues, so I'm assuming that the
malc0de page is in error.  Please let us know if you have any
information to the contrary.

- Nikita

On Tue, Aug 30, 2011 at 12:02 AM, Keiser, Evan <ekeiser at perimeterusa.com> wrote:
> Guys,
> I have been an avid user of OTR since its inception and I wanted to ensure
> you were aware of some recent activity coming from your domain. Today a user
> on our network attempted to download one of the pidgin-OTR wrapped
> executables and we found it was blocked by one of our malware correlations.
> It appears since the 28th  of this month your executables have been serving
> numerous different types of malware. You can find the link to the malc0de
> entry here, http://malc0de.com/database/index.php?search=www.cypherpunks.ca
> and you can take a look at the MD5 hash links to the threatexpert reports.
> Please let us know when this is resolved or remove the download if possible.
> Thank you.
> Thanks,
> Evan Robert Keiser
> Security Analyst
> Perimeter e-Security
> 919.228.2571
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>  Thanks

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