[OTR-dev] OTR support for Gajim

Jonathan Schleifer js-otrim at webkeks.org
Thu Aug 18 16:13:18 EDT 2011

Am 18.08.2011 um 14:16 schrieb Aaron Toponce:

> Currently, the only end-to-end encryption for Gajim, is using OpenPGP keys,
> which digitally sign every message, which isn't optimal.

Not really true: There's still ESessions.

> It seems other projects, such as Pidgin and Bitlbee have
> implemented OTR just fine, so maybe the core devs either have issues with
> the Gajim code, or the OTR code that was written just sucked.

They don't care that they get error messages as HTML etc and just display them without specially handling them (because you can't). They are also missing a lot of features we have which would not have been possible anymore with the current libotr API without huge and hacky workarounds.

I was the one removing OTR. I spent a lot of time to get it working properly, but that's not really possible if you are forced to parse strings containing HTML that are even localized to see if an error happened…


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