[OTR-dev] Chatzilla and/or Javascript library?

TJ linux at tjworld.net
Sun Feb 21 09:08:54 EST 2010

I was wondering if there is a chatzilla plug-in for OTR or a Javascript
library that could be modified to support chatzilla?

My reason for asking is that I'm currently developing a cross-platform
private social networking application.

I chose to use Mozilla/Firefox as the base since its XPCOM makes it
relatively easy (after the XPCOM learning curve!) to develop a single
source-code solution for GNU/Linux, OS-X, and Windows without requiring
native libraries.

IRC will be the primary interactive medium, using SSL to secure
client<>server and OTR for user<>user communications.

If one isn't available would the OTR developers be willing to assist
with advice if I were to develop a Javascript library that mirrors
libotr which could then be wrapped for Chatzilla or other applications?

Alongside the IRC layer I am building a SWF video/audio layer, utilising
Red5 (for now) as the media server. I'm also working on adding the
support to Gnash and its media-server Cygnal to provide a fully
open-source solution that doesn't require a Java server.

Therefore I'm interested in hearing how user<>user multimedia streams
might be protected using OTR. I assume OTR would protect the packet data
but not the stream itself - that would allow the media server to relay
the streams without knowing/caring about OTR.

What thoughts have there been on the issues that multimedia protection
would have to overcome?

If it is practical I would implement the necessary wrapper in Gnash.

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