[OTR-dev] session termination

Tim timg10 at gmx.net
Tue May 29 09:49:06 EDT 2007

> I am not sure what kind of "patch" you were suggesting to make to otr. You tell
> me?

The patch I suggest is to make the Gaim plugin behave like Scott's
Miranda plugin:

- Alice is chatting with Bob, OTR encrypted.
- Bob goes offline, but doesn't send the "OTR session
termination"-message. (He's using Miranda or his Gaim plugin didn't
manage to send the message for one of the reasons mentioned before).

Old behaviour:
- Alice continues sending encrypted messages, which Bob can't read
afterwards. (She doesn't notice that!)

New behaviour:
- Alice's Gaim plugin terminates the OTR session on its own, though it
didn't receive the termination-message from Bob. (It notifies Alice that
the encrypted session has ended, so she doesn't send any sensitive
information any more.)

If you really don't like this new behaviour, I suggest at least:
New behaviour B:
- Alice's OTR plugin displays her a warning: "Your communication partner
went offline and will likely be unable to read any further OTR-encrypted
messages. To terminate the OTR session right-click the OTR button and
select "end session"".


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