[OTR-dev] Libgcrypt slowness in generation of keys

Twan Fox twanfox at gmail.com
Wed Apr 19 21:17:54 EDT 2006


I know I've seen this issue around time and again, but after actually 
making a run at having libotr actually generate me a key for my Trillian 
OTR plugin, I found the whole process took 22 minutes before it finally 
returned. Obviously, this is unacceptable. I am currently using the 
libgcrypt v1.2.2 (as that is the only one that seems to be well 
supported by the Visual Studio .NET environment from s0rr0w") and have 
applied the patch as suggested on the main site in order to limit the 
heap walking. However, either I applied the patch wrong (since I applied 
it by hand, though after checking, I seem to have pegged it in the right 
place), or some other fix is needed in order to improve this.

Now, I understand that Gaim happily builds private keys very quickly 
with the Gaim OTR plugin. However, I have no idea what libgcrypt version 
or patches were applied in order to make it work like it does. I am also 
not terribly sure that compiling the libgcrypt library via mingw will 
provide me a library capable of being used within Visual Studio, and 
unfortunately, I am not presently willing to divert from that compiler 
as I need it for the UI functionality it provides for me. I know there 
is something out there that is the probable fix, but I can't seem to 
locate it again.

Any assistance or information is appreciated.


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