[OTR-dev] Self-referencing structure

Andrew Rodland arodland at entermail.net
Fri Apr 14 11:22:38 EDT 2006

On Thursday 13 April 2006 22:38, Twan Fox wrote:
> What is terribly stupid about this issue is the notion that VS.NET 2003
> seems to believe that a struct is somehow the same as a class, and
> should imply that any member that shares the same name as the structure
> is a constructor function.

A struct _is_ somehow the same as a class. The only _real_ difference between 
the two is that members of structs are public by default, while members of 
classes are private by default. Any other difference between the two is 
strictly in your head, and a matter of convention. To the compiler, they're 
exactly the same except for a matter of access.


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