[OTR-dev] A C# lib

alex323 alex323 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 15 00:55:18 EST 2005

As you might have heard, I'm making a libary in C# for OTR. I have a few 
questions however regarding the protocol:

* What is the size of the DH key I need to generate? (I don't think it's 
1536.. I tried it) What about the DSA key length?

* Why doesn't the protocol say that you need to include a NULL (byte 0) 
as the first character of the key exchange message?

* I have two editable parameters with my DH class: P and G. Should G be 
set to 0x02 and P should be set to the key you generated?

* Why is there an 'e' in the DSA key? My only options are P, Q, G, Y, 
and X. Wikipedia told me that X was the private key.

Thanks in advance for your answer(s).

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