[OTR-dev] handling jabber resources

Greg Troxel gdt at ir.bbn.com
Thu Jan 13 11:35:40 EST 2005

I think you are right that this is a bug in gaim.
It's hard to get it right, though, because jabber is conflicted about
resources.  If you bring up a chat window, it doesn't yet know a
resource, so it's probably fair to go from 'no resource' to a specific
one on the first receipt of a message.

For this reason, it's problematic for OTR to assume things are still
encrypted when starting a new chat session.   I frequently get
encrypted messages I can't decrypt from someone that has a key with
some other resource.  They don't know where I am - they just see presence
from me.    So I wonder about a protocol extension to send an
encrypted ping before sending the message, used whenever the key data
is more than a few minutes old, or whenever we don't know the resource
to talk to.  But I realize that gaim may need fixing first.

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