[OTR-dev] Another interesting policy interaction report...

Evan Schoenberg evan.s at dreskin.net
Mon Feb 14 02:51:08 EST 2005

So my friend and I had talked via OTR.  He has me on OPPORTUNISTIC; I 
happen to have him on MANUAL at the moment.  He hadn't quit his client 
since then, but I had.  He messaged me... and I immediately got

The encrypted message received from <name> is unreadable, as you are 
not currently communicating privately.

All well and good... but shouldn't, as with an encryption request, my 
client then automatically negotiate a private connection, triggering 
his message to automatically resent?  My messages were of course in 
plain text... I couldn't communicate with him until I began a private 
connection manually.

On second thought, maybe that's the desired behavior when I have him in 
MANUAL... I don't know.  Thoughts?

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