[OTR-dev] Queuing of messages before the connection is established

Evan Schoenberg evan.s at dreskin.net
Tue Feb 8 12:58:44 EST 2005

On Feb 8, 2005, at 11:41 AM, Ian Goldberg wrote:

> Should clicking "Don't accept this fingerprint" automatically
> set that buddy to NEVER?  (You'll never see the accept fingerprint
> dialog again until you manually enable it for that buddy.)  [That's not
> really a good solution, either, though, since it will prevent you from
> using OTR with that buddy, even using already-accepted fingerprints.]
Maybe a close variation on this?  Automatically set that buddy to 
MANUAL if the buddy is on stricter policy than that (OPPORTUNISTIC or 
ALWAYS), probably just for that session, and modify MANUAL (in general, 
not just in this case) such that it ignores whitespace-based OTR 
requests (if it doesn't already -- sorry, I haven't had a chance to 
play with policies yet).

That way you'd still get the fingerprint request again if the user 
manually selected "initiate", or if you did yourself, but you would not 
get it automatically on each message.  If you wanted to change it to 
MANUAL or NEVER more permanently, it'd be intuitive to respond to your 
buddy with whom you don't want OTR for wathever reason by going into 
the buddy's preferences and disabling OTR (which would have a stored, 
permanent effect rather than the per-session effect of changing OTR's 
behavior without modifying stored preferences.... as modifying stored 
preferences without notifying the user feels a bit dirty to me).


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