[OTR-dev] Last call for 2.0.0

Ian Goldberg ian at cypherpunks.ca
Tue Feb 8 12:32:39 EST 2005

On Mon, Feb 07, 2005 at 04:01:31PM -0500, alex323 wrote:
> Well, it would be nice to have a "*** Sent an OTR request to X" printed 
> when you click on the OTR button.

Sure; now that we can write messages to the conversation window that
don't look like received IMs, that's reasonable.  Done.  [Though the
message says "Attempting to start a private conversation with X..." if
you're not already connected, and "Attempting to refresh the private
conversation with X..." is you are.  (Mirroring the tooltip text on the

> (And other status messages such as "*** Received a key.)

But that's not.  You receive a key approximately every time you receive
a message.

   - Ian

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