[OTR-dev] Queuing of messages before the connection is established

Evan Schoenberg evan.s at dreskin.net
Tue Feb 8 01:52:07 EST 2005

Using libotr and gaim-otr 1.9.9 on both sides.  We're both using 
OPPORTUNISTIC policy, and have already exchanged fingerprints.  Isn't 
the message queuing supposed to handle the case where:
- we are  having a secure chat
- he quits and relaunches his client.  I'm still in a secure chat, with 
him, as far as my client is concerned.
- he sends me a message in plaintext

Shouldn't it re-negotiate the secure connected before he sends, if 
possible, and then send his message, rather than sending his message, 
telling me the message was not encrypted, and then handshaking?


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