[OTR-dev] Wish list :0

Aldert J.B.P. Hazenberg aldert at rotz.org
Wed Feb 2 18:58:41 EST 2005

Paul Wouters wrote:
> Hey,
> I do notice that a buddy of mine advertises his 'trillian encryption'
> capability. Isn't it possible for OTR to do the same thing, and add
> this to the opportunistic hook?
> One could even argue that IF a user announced otr, then you MUST speak
> otr to that user.

No doubt that violates one of the Freedoms :)
(I guess the first one...)

[that was a joke, no Stallman discussion needed, hehhe]

Serious : I think it that always should be up to the user.
           It should be configurable for sure.

           So if it is standard 'on' but the user can configure it somehow
           that it can be temporarily/standard off that would be they way.


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