[OTR-dev] Going forward

Len Sassaman rabbi at abditum.com
Thu Dec 23 14:26:16 EST 2004

On Thu, 23 Dec 2004, Ralf-Philipp Weinmann wrote:

> Hmm... This is strange. And I thought I could run iChat over my tor
> proxy, *sniff*.

Nope. (Though, none of the other OS X Chat program's we've looked at have
this problem. So, you could run Adium or Proteus over Tor, for instance.)

> I have to verify that. Sorry for mixing up pf and ipfw in my previous
> message (too much OpenBSD/FreeBSD5 usage lately :)). I totally forgot
> that MacOS has ipfw and not pf.

Please let me know if you can get it to work. :)

> I tried to go down a different route which is not really elegant (but
> neither is the ipfw hackery) but seems to works:


Wouldn't this be equivalent to changing the login server in iChat's
preferences to "localhost"?

> 4) replace netcat with an AIM proxy (not done yet)
>  From what I have understood of the OSCAR protocol thus far, the AIM
> proxy needs to rewrite the BOS server address in the response packet
> from the authorizer after the user login. I haven't had time to whip
> together a proxy implementation yet though.

Yep. We thought of this, too, but writing an an application proxy for AIM
sounds like trouble. (There's no published spec on the OSCAR protocol that
I know of, and it is subject to change without warning.)

> I looked into the Intego ChatBarrier thingy further. Wicked! If I do
> not misread my gdb output they have a daemon that attaches to a running
> iChat and dynamically patches it! This explains how they manage to get
> the neat little lock icons into the iChat UI... It also spells out
> trouble for compatibility with future iChat versions.

Oh, kinky. I'm not too keen on that method, either. (Sigh. An iChat plugin
API would be *so* useful.)

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