[OTR-users] Managing multiple signins

Paul otr-users at bobpaul.org
Fri May 21 14:28:38 EDT 2010

I have a contact who remains signed into his GMail chat account in multiple
locations. I've gotten him to configure the "Resource" value so I can easily
tell which signin is work, him home, his phone, etc.

The problem I'm experiencing is if he's been idle for a long time and I try
to message him, OTR attempts to start a private conversation with first his
desktop and then his laptop. When he responds from his work location, I can
stop the private conversation, restart it and it will successfully connect
to his work machine.

I only ever IM him at work. Is there a way to force my OTR to attempt "
USER at gmail.com/Work" first? Or maybe a way to manually select which I want
to try?

Or what is the recommended way to deal with this sort of situation? I'm
pretty sure he gets garbage on his work IM whenever I initiate a
conversation, since OTR secures with one of his other computers until I stop
and re-start it.

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