[OTR-dev] OTR version 4 Draft #2

Sofia sofia at autonomia.digital
Fri May 11 14:46:02 EDT 2018


> Totally agree that getting this finished and into the plugins,
> which will take time, is most important. Maybe it's time to
> prototype libotr-ng integration in pidgin-otr and friends and
> possibly incorporate feedback before the first stable release.

Yes! We are taking in consideration developing the pidgin-otr plugin
with libotr-ng as part of the current work. Once that libotr-ng reaches
a stable place, we will focus our full attention into the plugin, and,
of course, send it over here for discussions and review.

SofĂ­a Celi (aka cherenkov)
@claucece / @cherenkov_d
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