[OTR-dev] OTRv4 prekey server specification

Sofia sofia at autonomia.digital
Tue Aug 7 17:33:42 EDT 2018


As previously shared, there is now the specification for the version 4 of OTR[1].
This specification specifies the need for an untrusted prekey server that is
used for offline conversations (a server that contains the ephemeral key
material needed to derive the shared secret for offline conversations). In order
to determine how this prekey server will behave and to have the same security
properties of OTRv4, we have made an specification for it [2].

Please take a look at it. Any review is very very welcome!


The OTRv4 team

1- https://github.com/otrv4/otrv4/blob/master/otrv4.md
2- https://github.com/otrv4/otrv4-prekey-server/blob/master/otrv4-prekey-server.md
SofĂ­a Celi (aka cherenkov)
@claucece / @cherenkov_d
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