[OTR-dev] git mirror, bug tracker, etc

Jonas Wielicki otr-dev at sotecware.net
Tue Sep 10 14:06:54 EDT 2013

Hi Jake,

I think github is, at the moment, an okay-ish choice. While it's a
proprietary service (as far as I know), it kinda has a good reputation
among open source devs. The interface is appealing, it offers bug
tracking, a wiki and such things, so one could have everything public
regarding the source code in one place. People can easily fork the
project to work on their own patches, although I don't know how many
external patches are actually sent to libotr/pidgin-otr.

Gitorious, whilist being an open platform, does not offer an issue
tracker, which I think is a considerable deficit when comparing with github.


ps.: awesome speech on saturday in B.

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