[OTR-dev] Multiple accounts

Howard Chu hyc at symas.com
Tue Jul 2 09:56:50 EDT 2013

Jonas Wielicki wrote:
> On 02.07.2013 15:35, Kurt Roeckx wrote:
>> I seem to be more and more going to a PGP model, and have
>> to wonder if it's possible to use my GPG key for OTR.
> Honestly I think that the absence of many of the PGP features is the
> strength of OTR. OTR is so incredibly easy and, in my opinion, the only
> current example of strong crypto done right (from the user experience
> perspective).
> Adding complications such as key sync, key management, revocation etc.
> is not what I consider useful for the general case.

Indeed, it completely misses the point. OTR provides repudiable communication. 
Unifying all your keys would weaken or destroy that property.

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