[OTR-dev] Codec2 and OTR

Peter Lawler otr.dev at bleeter.id.au
Fri Feb 15 17:20:46 EST 2013

Welcome to Bleet's Late Night Thought Bubble for Fri 15th Feb 2013.

I was sitting at the pub yesterday that's across the road from the HQ of 
the local fire and ambulance services. It got me to thinking about this 
presentation at LCA2013 from David Rowe 
about Open Source Digital Radios.

tl;dr - There's a thing called 'codec2' 
http://www.rowetel.com/blog/?page_id=452  which achieves reasonable 
digital radio performance at 1200bps (although 2400bps is better)

The thought bubble was: I wonder if/how/could (etc) OTR could be used to 
provide encrypted open source digital radio.

I've cc'd the Author of codec2 on this mail so he can at least see that 
it's been mentioned. Whether he'll subscribe to the OTR list and 
contribute thoughts, I can't say. But at least if anyone responds he'll 
be able to see the mailman interface to any thread that arises.

This email sent the morning after the night before so I don't forget to 
mention it.


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