[OTR-dev] OTR + Second Life Client

chris-tuchs at hushmail.com chris-tuchs at hushmail.com
Wed Jul 8 20:05:31 EDT 2009

Ian, thanks for the pointers they were just what I needed.  I now 
have libotr, libgcrypt, and libgpg-error all building as part of 
the second life client.  So I am about to actually start writing 
code to use OTR now.  Yay!

However a niggling feature request keeps coming up, at the least it 
is a request for education.  How can OTR be used for more than two 
people to share an off the record conversation?

On Thu, 25 Jun 2009 08:59:55 -0700 Ian Goldberg 
<ian at cypherpunks.ca> wrote:
>So you could either get libotr to build under Visual C++ (which I 
>think the Trillian plugin author did:
>http://trillianotr.kittyfox.net/downloads.php )

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