[OTR-dev] Pidgin plugin development and GUI look

hcat at gmx.net hcat at gmx.net
Wed May 28 12:23:35 EDT 2008

> I like the concept, but have a few questions about the details.

> I don't think it's enough. The appearance of "again" is *way* too
> subtle, I think.
Yeah I was thinking about this, too. There could be a "Note: This buddy is already autheticated." between the first text and the combo box.

> The rest of the help text is now entirely absent, including the link to
> the web-based help pages.
Where is this link to be found in the original dialog? Anyway, why not add a normal [Help] button to the bottom left of the dialog for this?

> I'm just worried about putting so much text into a combo box.
> Especially in some other languages, this would make the box really,
> really wide, no?
This is a valid concern but I think we can get away with less text because
of the detailed description below the combo box. Perhaps as simple as:
- Question and Answer
- Shared Secret
- Fingerprint
This should do for the combo box IMHO. Especially if you know what you are looking for, having to read less text for the various choices is nice. The details would be explained by the text below the combo as well as the input area below (which changes accordingly to the selected method).

> I don't think "Send request" is the right thing to say here, though.
> The word "request" appears nowhere else in the dialog.
Well I was first thinking about a simple "Authenticate". Perhaps anyone
else has a better idea. The "OK" button (while certainly not what the 
HIG wants) is not the biggest concern here, though.

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