[OTR-dev] Re: Requirements for libotr4

Jonathan Schleifer js-otrim at webkeks.org
Thu Jun 19 11:12:38 EDT 2008

Kjell Braden <fnord at pentabarf.de> wrote:

> I don't think the receiver should remove HTML from the message. What
> if I want to send a HTML-snippet to my friend using jabber? Currently,
> pidgin would escape the HTML tags to < and >, and proper clients
> would display those entities in plaintext, which is very bad. If we
> would implement a stripping method on the receiving side, they would
> change that back to < and >, but they would also strip anything which
> was initially in < and >. So if a proper client sends HTML tags (in
> plaintext, not intended to be formatted!) to another proper client,
> they would strip the HTML tags, which is even worse.

Ian already said that the client can specify if it's want HTML or not
on sending and receiving. So if a non-HTML client gives a message to
libotr, libotr will escape it and on receiving, a non-HTML client will
get an unescaped message from libotr.

> The right thing to do here would be to make the sender send
> information about what kind of message it is (maybe using MIME-Types
> or whatever, so they would send text/html or text/plain or
> text/x-aolrtf) and to make the receiver convert them to the right
> format.

The client would still need to handle HTML stripping then - with Ian's
proposal, the client would just specify it it supports HTML or not and
libotr will do all the rest.

Oh, btw: text/x-aolrtf died - finally! It's not supported anymore
since ICQ 6. IMO a very good thing.

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