[OTR-dev] Requirements for libotr4

Jonathan Schleifer js-otrim at webkeks.org
Wed Jun 18 08:06:06 EDT 2008

There's one thing we'd absolutely need for libotr4 to support OTR in
Gajim again (this is the main reason why we removed the OTR code from it
When calling otrl_message_fragment_and_send, it returns the fragments
and calls our inject_message method. Our inject_message method calls
send_message, which returns an ID. This is the ID used by the XMPP
library for the sent XMPP message stanza. We need this ID for some XEPs
like for example XEP-0184 (so we can verify our message was received -
note: XEP-0184 is just chosen as an example here, there are even more
that require knowing the ID of our sent XMPP message stanza). With the
way this is handled in libotr3, we just loose that ID and thus can't
implement some XEPs (thus we removed OTR form Gajim).
As you already said you're going to remove
otrl_message_fragment_and_send, I'd suggest that the new API
includes a way to get the return value of the inject_message
function (our inject_message function could just return the
ID from send_message then) so we can get the XMPP message stanza ID.

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