[OTR-dev] messages.c -- messages on gui without translation support

Őry Máté orymate at gmail.com
Tue Jun 10 19:13:20 EDT 2008


I was testing my new gaim-otr translation, and found some interesting
untranslated messages while chatting with Pidgin.

I have grepped the gaim-otr source tree, but have not found the
message. I checked out libotr, and all the untranslated messages were
in messages.c -- as simple strings.

What is the way of making these available for translation? Having some
complicated wrapper on gaim-otr's side (I have no idea how could the
messages get to the po template), or mark these for translation in
messages.c. Would this cause any problems? (Could these messages ever
be processed by computer?)
Őry Máté (Mate Ory)

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