[OTR-dev] libotr and pidgin-otr 3.1.0-preview1 available

Ian Goldberg ian at cypherpunks.ca
Tue Jul 24 16:11:04 EDT 2007

Boy, has this been a long time coming.  See what happens when Real Life
gets in the way?  Luckily, I was recently able to get part of said life
to be working on OTR (along with an additional developer).

For the impatient:


[Also on sourceforge's cvs.]

The major changes:

- Added fragmentation support for large messages

- Added an option to turn off logging of OTR conversations

- Internationalization of the pidgin-otr part (but not yet the libotr

- Makefile.static builds pidgin-otr.so with libgcrypt.so linked
  statically to avoid the libgcrypt multiple-clients bug.  (At least on
  Linux; I can't vouch for how well that Makefile will work on other

And the coolest one:

- Added the ability to authenticate your buddies without ever having to
  see the word "fingerprint", or an obnoxious string of hex chars.  The
  old "verify fingerprint" dialog is still available behind an
  "Advanced..." button, if needed (for communicating with old clients,

Anyone want to help with the i18n translations?  Here's the pot file:


Please post as to what language you want to take, so we don't duplicate
effort.  I've got French lined up, and I think Paul offered Dutch?
I seem to remember someone offered German?

The point of this preview version is mainly for package maintainers to
tell me what I've messed up as far as packaging / portability go.  The
sooner I get feedback in that area, the sooner the "real" 3.1.0 release
will be there.

Note that the online help files aren't quite ready yet, but will be in
place sometime this week.

Have fun!

   - Ian

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