[OTR-dev] gaim-otr art

Paul Williams paul at smoothweb.net
Thu Oct 26 21:22:45 EDT 2006


No offense, but the icons are ugly in the otr-gaim plug in. The plug-in
itself, however, is very useful. I don't know C fluently, but it looks
like you are creating the XPMs by matching ASCII chars to hex colors :-X

I took the liberty of creating a PNG, by using a lock icon and the
default gaim icon, located in the gaim source package, at
gtk/pixmaps/status/default/secure.png and
gtk/pixmaps/status-online.png respectively.

The icon located at gtk/pixmaps/gaim_auth.png could also be used.

My first draft can be located at http://smoothweb.net/otr-gaim.png

Any suggestions/questions/comments can be sent to either me alone, or
the otr-dev mailing list, as I am now subscribed.

Paul Williams (paul at smoothweb.net) | Jabber: pwill at jabber.org
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