[OTR-dev] Secure connections through a connect/disconnect cycle, OTR error messages

Evan Schoenberg evan.s at dreskin.net
Thu Jan 27 12:48:30 EST 2005

Yup, I appear to winning awards for poor communication, despite my best 
efforts.  :)

You've described it precisely.  Except instead of the client manually 
sending an IM (i.e. having an automated message sent out when the user 
clicks Adium's button to "end private conversation" which reads "Evan 
has clicked end private conversation!"), OTR itself sends out the 
message in a way the OTR plugin on the other side can interpret as a 
conversation event and pass as such, in the schnazzy 
conversation-associated way which the message

> 10:45:21 <my buddy's name>: The encrypted message received from  <my
> buddy's name> is unreadable, as you are not currently communicating
> privately.

should also be presented.


On Jan 27, 2005, at 11:35 AM, Ian Goldberg wrote:

> So when you click "end private connection", the client first sends an 
> IM
> like "[ending private connection]" (as if you'd typed that string), and
> then forgets the context?
> That'd be fine, security-wise; it'd just be an automated form of what
> people can do now.

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