[OTR-dev] Core/UI Split of gaim-otr-1.0.3

Evan Schoenberg evan.s at dreskin.net
Fri Jan 21 13:01:32 EST 2005

On Jan 21, 2005, at 11:15 AM, Ian Goldberg wrote:
> I think I see what you're saying.  What should be done about the
> GAIM_GTK_PLUGIN_TYPE in otr-plugin.c?  What "portably" goes there?
Good question.  gaim-otr will be the first significant (in terms of use 
and in terms of size) Gaim plugin which I'm aware of which has as good 
as core/UI split as Gaim itself soon will, if we can pull it off 
(that's ignoring the protocol plugins such as meanwhile).  As such, I 
don't think there's an established way to handle it.

My gut, and probably the easiest thing to do, is to use the same #ifdef 
GTK_SOMETHING we'll use to know if we should automatically register gtk 
UI functions... if GTK is available, it'll be GAIM_GTK_PLUGIN_TYPE; 
otherwise we can just use NULL as the UI requirement.  Not perfect, but 
I can't really imagine an alternative UI depending on that value in any 
case.  What purpose does identifying as GAIM_GTK_PLUGIN_TYPE serve 
within Gaim?

> (The gtk-centric function in otr-plugin.c is an oversight; it wasn't
> meant to be there at all.)
Cool, I guessed that might be the case.


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