[OTR-dev] libotr 1.0.3 OS X compile error

Evan Schoenberg evan.s at dreskin.net
Fri Jan 21 01:25:29 EST 2005

It was throwing the error at context.h:70

Other stuff must be wrong with my setup, too... I'm having to make a 
bunch of makefile changes to get gaim-otr to compile. So far my 
makefile's LDFLAGS are up to:
LDLIBS = -lgcrypt -lgtk-x11-2.0 -lglib-2.0.0 -lgobject-2.0.0

(from an original LDLIBS = -lgcrypt).

Now my only remaining problem is that all the gaim symbols 
(_serv_send_im, _gaim_account_get_connection, etc.) are undefined.


On Jan 21, 2005, at 12:18 AM, Nikita Borisov wrote:

> On Jan 20, 2005, at 10:10 PM, Evan Schoenberg wrote:
>> On OS X 10.3.7, libotr failed to compile because time_t was not a 
>> defined type.  Running make as:
>> CFLAGS=-Dtime_t=int make
> That's odd - I can compile libotr successfully on my OS X box.  Which 
> file is causing the error?
> - Nikita

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