[OTR-dev] otrproxy and packaging

paul at cypehrpunks.ca paul at cypehrpunks.ca
Sat Jan 15 20:39:54 EST 2005

On Sat, 15 Jan 2005, Ian Goldberg wrote:

>   libotr
>     Contains the toolkit binaries, and possibly eventually libotr.so
>     Depends on libgcrypt
>   libotr-dev
>     Contains libotr.a and the .h files (in /usr/include/libotr/)
>     Depends on libotr, libgcrypt-dev
>   gaim-otr
>     Contains /usr/lib/gaim/gaim-otr.so
>     Depends on libotr, glib, gtk+, gaim
>   otrproxy
>     Contains otrproxy
>     Depends on libotr
> - While this seems like the "right" way to do it, it means that people
>   downloading gaim-otr will now have to download the libotr package
>   separately.  On some systems, package management will eventually do
>   this automatically (once everything makes its way to the official
>   distributions), but I don't know how this works on, say, OSX.

I will turn the rpm repository in one that supports repodata, so that
packet managers like yum, apt-get and up2date will just automaticly grab
the dependancies.

so people using redhat/FC/suse etc can just run 'yum install gaim-otr'


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