[OTR-dev] Canceling while in OPPORTUNISTIC

Evan Schoenberg evan.s at dreskin.net
Wed Feb 9 03:00:43 EST 2005

It seems like this shouldn't happen for anything besides ALWAYS...

Both people are in OPPORTUNISTIC.  Chatting securely.  One cancels 
encryption.  The other is notified that he should also end.... except 
when he does, he gets an error saying he sent encrypted data when it 
wasn't expected, and the one to cancel first gets a notice that he 
couldn't read the last message because it was encrypted.  Then, 
encryption is reestablished (but there is no resent notice, since 
nothing should have actually been sent)... and the cycle continues 
until everyone goes home.

My guess is that the "ended encryption" notice is going out, encrypted, 
and the other side doesn't know how to handle it?



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