[OTR-dev] OTR Gaim plugin: Core/GTK+ UI split

verbal verbal at gmail.com
Wed Dec 22 03:04:41 EST 2004

> libotr of course needs no modification.  gaim-otr is currently in 3
> parts: otr-plugin.*, dialog.*, and ui.*.  I would propose gaim-otr
> being in 5 parts, instead: otr-plugin.*, dialog.*, gtkdialog.*, ui.*,
> and gtkui.*.

i agree with that, but my opinion doesnt really mean much as i have
next to zero experience doing gui. i was interested more in making
libotr work with adium, but it sounds like libotr doesnt need it. so
i'm willing to learn and design the gui cause i care about UI also.
you're going to have to pretty much break it down for me and let me
know what part of code you want me to hack up and/or design.

it sounds like you're talking about have a separate dialog for otr? if
that's correct, then i dont think we should have a separate dialog, it
should be an option you turn on from within a regular im dialog.
anywho, maybe we should go into the adium chat room to have a real
time discussion about this.


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