[OTR-dev] initial otr usability comments

jbash at velvet.com jbash at velvet.com
Sat Dec 18 20:24:09 EST 2004

> I would like a little more of a warm fuzzy that traffic is being
> encrypted.  Somehow marking the chat window on a per-line basis would
> be nice.

Please, guys, if you do this, make it optional. I can't stand having
random extra strings, or color codes, or whatever, on messages...  and I
tend to think that OTR should be robust enough that, if I turn it on, I
can be confident that it won't turn itself off.  I agree with the idea
of having a visual indication of whether OTR is on somewhere inside the
chat window (in fact, I was the one who asked for the existing
button)... but I really don't want to have something on every line.

A user only has so many attentional resources... and so much
screen real estate...

                                        -- jbash

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